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Sales Projects Catalogue
Series A
Accelerating Founder-led Sales
Possible part of a project
  • Support in formulation of the first hypothesizes on the ideal customer profile, sales channels, pricing, key selling points and messaging, as well as how you can differentiate and position the product in a market
Typical scope and approach
A fractional VP of Sales helps you design your GMT strategy, find PMF and build a robust sales machine
For whom:
Project Type:
Mentoring (1-5 hours/ week)
Early-stage B2B Startups (less than $1M ARR)
Expert Spotlight
GTM Strategy
Please note that it be customized to your specific case and shall be determined at the intro-call with an expert
Customer Development
  • Helping you outreach potential customers and conduct customer development interviews / exploratory calls
  • Building constant customer feedback loop to iterate your value proposition and narrative around it, as well as your product backlog
Product Marketing and Sales Materials
  • Building a cohesive narrative around your product
  • Feedback on your sales presentation, demo scripts, video materials and other types of collateral
Prospecting and Outreach
Sales Management and Early Hiring
  • Support in setting up the process of prospect data research and management (lead lists and customer data enrichment)
  • Optimization of your outreach materials and sequences (for Email / LinkedIn outbound campaigns)
  • Outreach automation with the right balance of personalization and efficiency
  • Support in development of a sales playbook and onboarding materials and processes
  • How to screen, interview and close your first sales hire
  • Improvement of your pitch
  • Participation at meetings
  • Working out related areas (pre-call planning, working with objections, etc.)
Inbound Sales
  • Support in development of inbound lead capture forms
  • Development a system of inbound lead qualification
  • Inbound lead response and discovery
  • Basic negotiation tactics
  • How to identify all the key stakeholders in a deal and eliminate barriers to buy your product
  • Setting up pipeline management processes (cadencing, pipeline prioritization and cleaning, etc.)
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Challenge description
  • Founder-led sales is a good practice for early-stage startups to go deep and unlock specifics around their market. However, most founders (especially technical) lack key sales competencies which leads to wrong GTM, lost sales opportunities and longer time to product-market fit
Paul Sher
Founder and CEO of Nimbus
(B2B SaaS)
"Raised provided us with access to exceptional fractional CXOs, whose expertise was invaluable to our growth."
Arthur H.
ex-Sales Lead at PandaDoc (SaaS with >$1B+ valuation)