Thank you for the registration!

1) Please choose the time (below on this page) for a short interview. It will help us better match you with the clients.

2) If you opted in to provide deck & fin model consultations, during the interview we'll discuss our case study (otherwise we'll just have an interview without a case study). Please go through the materials prior to the call.
On the call, you can ask us to clarify the case if needed.

Use case (we'll also send it by email):
- The client has a deck and a financial model but wants to buy 10h consultation to make the materials better.
- The company is called ChallengeApp. This is an entertainment app where people challenge others to do amazing things on video (e.g. make 100 pushups within 100 sec) & earn cash rewards. Videos are validated by the community.
- Launched in 2018, they were cash positive, generated $4.6 return for each $1 of marketing investment, $800k turnover in Q1 '20 & more.
- The company in this case study was real (and quite successful), but Apple blocked it for sensitive content. After that the company closed.
- Links: Their deck (Aug '20), Their PnL (Aug '20).
- We'll ask you to give some recommendations to the client. You can prepare & present them or do it live (but we recommend at least checking the materials)
- If any questions please text at