Success Stories
An experienced tech founder asked Raised to help him turn his drone technology into a successful business: find a niche market, identify lucrative use cases, and secure funding from investors
Customer Development
GTM Strategy
Market Research
Series A
Project Description
Market research
Customer interviews
  • Analysis of the startup’s strengths and identification of where it can most lucratively deploy its technology.
Join hundreds other startups that have already made Raised a part of their growth strategy
  • Analysis of the current state of the drone market from a VC & business perspective
Fundraising Consulting
Founder of $20mln VC fund, VC investor with 7+ years experience
Strategy and Fundraising for a Next-gen Drone Startup
Executed by
  • Conducting calls with current and potential clients
  • Preparation for the calls (analysis of startup’s data to prepare a list of questions, finding available interviewees)
  • Summary of client's needs, development and prioritization of a list of business cases for the startup
  • Analyzing the potential for market penetration and outlining a financial model.
  • Building the plan to test the prioritized list of potential use cases and hypotheses
  • Creating a fundraising strategy and building a pitch deck for fundraising