C-level Mentorship for an AI-powered Productivity Tool
Success Stories
Hints is an AI assistant that sales reps and tech teams use to save up to 60 minutes every day. In order to continue its rapid growth, Hints’ CEO decided to hire for his top team members the best-qualified C-level advisors – and we were happy to lend a hand!
CPO Mentorship
Product-Led Growth
Sales Consulting
Growth & Marketing
Series A
How we helped
Product-Led Growth Consulting
CPO Mentorship
"Raised introduced us to a diverse group of exceptional fractional CXOs, who made significant contributions to our company's success."
George Levin
Founder and CEO of Hints
(B2B SaaS)
  • Building a Growth Dashboard
  • Onboarding Redesign
Join hundreds other startups that have already made Raised a part of their growth strategy
  • Analysis of the key PLG metrics to identify the growth levers
Sales Consulting
  • Regular calls with an experienced CPO to discuss product development efforts (building efficient experimentation processes, team management, tools and infrastructure, etc.)
ex-Growth Manager
@ Miro (Series D productivity tool)
  • Monthly subscription on a fractional VP of Sales (~4 hours/week) to accelerate sales related motion
  • Optimization of processes (Prospecting, Qualification, Pitch, Objection Handling, Closing, Nurturing, Upsell, etc.), as well as setting up tools and automations
CPO at Series B Mobile App Startup
ex-Sales Lead at PandaDoc (SaaS with >$1B+ valuation)
  • Audit of key growth metrics to identify the ways to improve retention and find quick wins to boost revenue
Executed by
Growth Lead at Mobile Apps with 10M+ downloads, ex-Runtastic
Growth Strategy
CMO Mentorship
  • Guidance by an experienced CMO to find the right mix of marketing channels, learn how to better work with influencers, engage community, prepare content, etc.
ex-Head of Marketing @ Manychat (B2B SaaS with $23M funding)