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Success Stories
Series A
Comprehensive Growth Support for a Team Collaboration Software with 1M+ users
Executed by
  • Audit of key metrics (registration, activation, retention, MRR, etc.) and identification of areas for improvement
  • Interviews with an Customer Success expert to learn more about their pain points and how Nimbus’ solution can address them
  • Development of key messaging, value proposition and use case description for CS professionals
  • Review of sales recordings
  • Identification of improvement areas and development of specific recommendations how to improve Sales Pitch including updated framework for sales calls
  • Role-play and final feedback
  • GTM strategy including prioritization of acquisition channels
  • Identification of key use cases to focus on and prioritization of product features and experiments
  • Product messaging and support in preparation of marketing materials
How we helped
Growth & Marketing
Sales Consulting
Product-Led Growth
CS Consulting
Nimbus’ main challenge was to identify the best customer segments, use cases and marketing & sales channels to achieve ambitious growth targets. They reached out to Raised to get the support of top-tier advisors
Marketing and Product Growth Strategy
ex-Growth Lead at Series B SaaS Productivity tool
Sales Pitch Upgrade
ex-Sales Lead at PandaDoc (SaaS with >$1B+ valuation)
Defining Value Proposition for one of target customer profiles
ex-Head of Customer Success @ Miro (Series D productivity tool)
PLG Consulting
the first Growth Manager
@ Miro (Series D productivity tool)
Paul Sher
Founder and CEO of Nimbus
(B2B SaaS)
"Raised provided us with access to exceptional fractional CXOs, whose expertise was invaluable to our growth."