Comprehensive Growth Support for a Team Collaboration Software with 1M+ users
Success Stories
Nimbus’ main challenge was to identify the best customer segments, use cases and marketing & sales channels to achieve ambitious growth targets. They reached out to Raised to get the support of top-tier advisors
CS Consulting
Product-Led Growth
Sales Consulting
Growth & Marketing
Series A
How we helped
Marketing and Product Growth Strategy
Sales Pitch Upgrade
"Raised provided us with access to exceptional fractional CXOs, whose expertise was invaluable to our growth."
Paul Sher
Founder and CEO of Nimbus
(B2B SaaS)
  • Product messaging and support in preparation of marketing materials
  • Identification of key use cases to focus on and prioritization of product features and experiments
Join hundreds other startups that have already made Raised a part of their growth strategy
  • GTM strategy including prioritization of acquisition channels
  • Role-play and final feedback
Defining Value Proposition for one of target customer profiles
  • Identification of improvement areas and development of specific recommendations how to improve Sales Pitch including updated framework for sales calls
  • Review of sales recordings
ex-Growth Lead at Series B SaaS Productivity tool
  • Development of key messaging, value proposition and use case description for CS professionals
  • Interviews with an Customer Success expert to learn more about their pain points and how Nimbus’ solution can address them
ex-Sales Lead at PandaDoc (SaaS with >$1B+ valuation)
ex-Head of Customer Success @ Miro (Series D productivity tool)
  • Audit of key metrics (registration, activation, retention, MRR, etc.) and identification of areas for improvement
Executed by
ex-Growth Manager
@ Miro (Series D productivity tool)
PLG Consulting