Fundraise faster
and on better terms with support from vetted
VC professionals
We connect startups with experienced
VC associates & analysts to excel pitch, clarify strategy and get mentoring and support
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Raised Series A
Customer stories
Countless meetings with investors without receiving any real feedback from their side
We will help you get there faster and on better terms
Fundraising can be very stressful and time-consuming with an unsatisfactory outcome
Starting at $500/month
Regular meetings with relevant venture capital professional to discuss your problems, track your progress and help you avoid common mistakes
Starting at $1000
Fundraising consulting
Support in fundrasing that can include materials preparation, research or analytics in addition to consultations - depending on your specific needs
Starting at $150/hour
1-hour calls
Consultations in ZOOM with VC professionals to get personalized advice on fundrasing or train your pitch
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Enjoy results
Exceed your fundraising goals with less time and efforts
Get connected
We connect you with VC professionals perfectly suitable for your needs
Book a free 30-min consulting session
Outline your problem and get first insights
How it works
Founder of Ifarm (vertical farms)
As a serial entrepreneur I know that it's very important to excel the pitch with professionals and prepare answers to all the tricky questions beforehand. Raised dived deep into our business and changed the way we communicate our offer. I recommend them to anyone raising the round.
"Changed the way we communicate our offer"
Artem from Raised has deep understanding in VC. It was such a pleasure to work with him during several rounds.
"Pleasure to work with"
Raised Series A
Founder of Frey (D2C)
Raised seed round
Founder of Nimbus (team collaboration SAAS)
The support from Artem was a great help during the round. We decided to work with them based on their solid reputation and lots of recommendations from our partners.
"Solid reputation"
5 years experience in VC. Participated in 50+ VC deals in US and Europe.
Former Senior Investment Associate at Altair Capital Management
Consulted startups across Fintech,
E-commerce, On-Demand Apps
and other sectors. PhD in mathematics
Former management consultant at Mastercard Advisors and Arthur D. Little
Meet the founding team
After a lot of stress finally got offer from VC on not-so-good terms that doesn't meet initial ambitious
Founders spend a lot of precious time and energy to understand fundrasing fundamentials, prepare pitch materials and find investors
Typical fundraising journey
Feedback sessions on your pitch
Financial modeling - make the best dataroom
Pitch deck consulting
Getting ready for pitch
Support in the following deals
Long term mentoring and advising for successfull startup scale
Refinement of strategy and vision
Negotiation support - avoid psychological and legal tricks
Valuation recommendations - raise on the most favorable terms
Negotiations with investors
Initial preparation
Market and competitors research
Investor search - use insights from our experts to focus on relevant VCs and avoid unreliable partners
Packaging your business for VC raise
Check out the most popular requests we receive
Our experts can support you across all fundrasing steps
We will match you with the expert in the relevant field
Only professionals with experience in solid
VC firms
Founded by professionals with 5 years' experience in VC and consulting
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