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25 hours
Restructuring of Customer Success function that led to 25% growth in NPS
45 hours
Design and set up Customer Insights function from scratch for a platform for NFT artists
40 hours
Support in negotiations, leading the calls with VCs, writing emails during the fundraising campaign for NimbusWeb (Series A productivity tool)
55 hours
Audit and reengineering of sales processes from lead generation to closing
5 hours
Develop initiatives to increase retention and engagement for a networking app
Examples of our recent works
Insights on best business models on the drone market for Series A drone company
20 hours
Building a dataroom and fundraising strategy for Ifarm (vertical farms)
10 hours
Customer insights
Setting up automated Growth Journeys to drive retention
10 hours
Audit of user flow in the app and highlighting friction points
10 hours
Building the list of investors and 20 warm intros for EU foodtech startup
60 hours
Creation of dashboards and infrastructure for transparent marketing analytics
60 hours
Implementation of growth processes and building Growth Team
10 hours
Sourcing and outreach strategy to hire a sales team
30 hours
Implementation of metric-based org structure (not product-based), e.g., Daily revenue or Retention team
25 hours
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to consulting to part-time CXO. From 1 to 20 hours per week
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Seasoned professional works for you to help you overcome your challenges. We manage all the administrative routines (invoices, contracts, payments, etc.)
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"Experts from Raised significantly shaped our GTM strategy and decision-making process – we’ve reached the first aha moment already in the first hours of consultations"
Series A
"Raised deep dived into our business and changed how we communicate our offer. I recommend them to anyone raising a round"
"Raised provided us with access to exceptional fractional CXOs, whose expertise was invaluable to our growth."
Series A
Success Stories
ex-Growth Lead at Series B Productivity SaaS
ex-Head of Customer Success at Miro
ex-Sales Lead at PandaDoc
The First Growth Product Manager @ Miro
Executed by
CS Consulting
Product-Led Growth
Sales Consulting
Growth & Marketing
Comprehensive growth support for a team collaboration software with 1M+ users
B2B SaaS
Founder of Consulting & Market Research Agency for Startups
CMO at Series C B2C mobile app, ex-Head of Marketing @ Gett (mobility unicorn)
Founder of the US-based Marketing Agency
Growth Lead at Mobile App with 10M+ downloads, ex-Runtastic
Executed by
Market Research
GTM Strategy
Retention and Go-to-Market Strategy for a Networking App backed by Google
Mobile App
CPO at Series B Mobile App Startup
ex-Sales Lead at PandaDoc (SaaS with >$1B+ valuation)
the first Growth Manager
@ Miro (Series D productivity tool)
ex-Head of Marketing @ Manychat (Series B B2B SaaS)
Executed by
CPO Mentorship
Product-Led Growth
Sales Consulting
Growth & Marketing
C-level Mentorship for an AI-powered Productivity Tool
B2C2B SaaS
Growth Lead at Mobile App with 10M+ downloads, ex-Runtastic
ex-VC Associate with 5 years experience at Altair Capital
M&A Analyst at farm manufacturer Kubota, ex-VC Associate at AgTech VC Rockstart
Executed by
Market Research
Market Research and Fundraising for a Vertical Farm by an AgTech VC Associate
Vertical Farms
Product-Led Growth for an YC-backed Productivity Tool
Executed by
Pricing Consulting
Frictionless Onboarding
The First Growth Product Manager @ Miro
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