Success Stories
StoreYa offers a suite of marketing apps to help e-commerce scale faster and smarter. Initially relying solely on marketing activities for customer acquisition, StoreYa decided to test the economic feasibility of incorporating a human touch through a self-assisted funnel.

Sales Pilot
Inbound Sales
Series A
Project Description
Preliminary impact assessment
Join hundreds other startups that have already made Raised a part of their growth strategy
  • Assessment of potential increase of number of paying customers (through a personal outreach, custom demo and a sales proposal) based on the share of sales-qualified leads
  • Calculation of expected ROI
  • Assessment of technical maturity for a quick deployment of semi-automated inbound sales unit
ex-B2B SaaS SMB Sales Team Lead at PandaDoc ($1B+ cap)
Inbound Sales Pilot for a leading e-com online marketing SaaS
Executed by
  • Analysis of current processes, ICP, data quality, tech stack, and a suite of products
  • Interviews with key stakeholders, including leadership and customer success
  • Development of the refined pilot plan with budget estimates and sales strategy
E-commerce advertising powered by AI
  • Development of the first lead scoring models and critical automations
  • Testing sales models to optimize for a shorter sales cycle and higher ACV
  • Running sales conversations and bringing in the first contracts
Take off
The pilot results were highly satisfying, with an increase of 25-30 new clients per month. We're delighted to collaborate with the expert Arthur and Raised's team.
Eyal Reich
Co-founder and COO of Storeya
  • Building sales playbooks (with mechanics description, templates, calls records, etc.) and refining processes to support new hires