Success Stories
Uxcel is an engaging and interactive learning platform for those interested in UX design. They initially began in web and had plans to launch a mobile app, so we connected them with a Growth professional to assist with the launch
Mobile App Release
Growth Consulting
Series A
Project Description
Roadmap for App Release
User Acquisition Strategy
Join hundreds other startups that have already made Raised a part of their growth strategy
  • Collaborate with the product team to define the app's core features and functionalities
  • Prioritize features based on user needs and market trends.
Growth Lead at EdTech Mobile App with over 20M of users
Growth support for an EdTech with 200K+ users
Executed by
  • Develop a user acquisition plan to attract new users to the app.
  • Consider various acquisition channels such as app store optimization (ASO), paid advertising, social media, and partnerships.
  • Leverage existing web users and subscribers for cross-promotion.
The best way to learn UX design
  • Plan a launch campaign with pre-launch promotions
  • Build anticipation and excitement among the target audience.
Launch Campaign
The results look great, and we were extremely pleased with Kate's work. We will definitely stay in touch with Raised for future projects.
Gene Kamenez
Founder and CEO of Uxcel